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Understanding the Driver Shortage

March 12, 2015

Have you noticed drivers are becoming harder and harder to find? Most of us familiar with the trucking industry have seen first hand that the driver shortage is becoming a real problem. If you have observed this too, you will be interested in new research which explains the reasons behind this issue and provides predictions about how it will become worse over the coming years.

A recent article by Sean Kilcarr in Fleet Owner Magazine entitled “Truck driver demographics approaching cliff” highlights findings from a new white paper released by the American Transportation Research Institute. According to the white paper, these are some of the major factors contributing to the driver shortage:

  • Competition within the trucking industry: over 500,000 individual companies competing for drivers. The result? A high turnover rate as companies lose drivers to other companies, plus, the high competition has driven the freight price down which makes it difficult to raise driver wages.
  • Driver requirements/qualifications: interstate CDL holders require truck driver age 21+ (this age produces a time gap in years after high school graduation). Additionally, the tuition for training and detailed screening program deters young graduates from entering this career.
  • Workforce demographics: the average age of a truck driver is older and as the Baby Boomer generation reaches retirement age, there aren't enough younger workers replacing them. Additionally, Millennials (in their 20s and 30s) enter as drivers in small numbers and this shortage will continue to grow!

The facts this paper is exposing suggest that the availability of drivers is only going to continue to get more difficult. So what is the solution for you? We suggest mobile fueling! Save yourself from the headaches and investment associated with having to pay additional drivers to fuel your trucks. Time and money can be saved in driver wages and fleet productivity boosted if you choose mobile fueling.

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