Diesel Direct

DEF Demand to Reach One Billion Gallons in Four Years

March 03, 2015

The demand for Diesel Exhaust Fluid is predicted to reach one billion gallons in North America by 2019, according to the DEF Market Dynamics Report. This is a huge milestone and beneficial for the environment as this product works with diesel fuel to reduce harmful emissions during the fuel burning process. For those of us in the transportation industry, the news is not so shocking: as more and more weathered trucks are replaced with trucks made in 2010 or later (all requiring DEF), the need for DEF grows consistently.

As the demand for DEF will only continue to rise, now is the time to get set up with an efficient DEF mobile fueling or packaged product delivery system to ensure your DEF supply! If you are a beginner when it comes to using DEF, you should know that correctly and safely fueling and always having the right supply of DEF on hand is easier said than done. So why should you consider having Diesel Direct take care of your supply, delivery, and management of DEF with DEF Direct℠ for your vehicles and equipment? This is why:

  • SAFETY AND OSHA COMPLIANCE! Our well-trained fuel professionals will remove your risks associated with the fueling of DEF (for example, injuries caused by splash back). Additionally, we will eliminate potential OSHA fines from drums and totes that require special handling by law.
  • WRONG PRODUCT INSURANCE! Protect your fleet! Our insurance policy covers $10 million in liability and misplaced product coverage.
  • SPECIALIZED DELIVERY VEHICLES WITH METERED TRANSACTION! We have a DEF delivery fleet designed specifically to supply and fuel Diesel Exhaust Fluid.
  • FLEXIBLE OPTIONS! Don’t run out! In addition to our replenishment program, we also can provide you with DEF in packaged products including totes, drums, and jugs.
  • COMPLETE DATA MANAGEMENT & INVENTORY CONTROL! We provide computerized data of the delivery including the vehicle number, date, time, and gallons. With our system, you will have automatic access to all critical data relating to DEF.

Estimate how much DEF your vehicles consume on our website quickly and easily with our DEF Calculator . Our calculator tool will indicate how much DEF you will need on a yearly and monthly basis.

Why worry about all the work associated with your DEF supply? Believe us: you are only going to need more and more DEF every year! Contact us today to find out more and how you can get started with DEF Direct!