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Power'z Edge by Diesel Direct

Get the Edge… on performance

Power’z Edge® is a diesel fuel additive designed specifically to provide performance enhancing properties to boost cetane value and reduce engine knocks.  Power’z Edge is detergent balanced with twin stabilizers, corrosion inhibitors and moisture dispersants; cleaning and protecting the fuel handling system. Power’z Edge is designed to prevent deposits that may cause deterioration to fuel economy and emissions.


Product Benefits…


    • When used consistently, helps to clean fuel injectors and maintain optimum engine performance
    • Helps to reduce sludge formation, injector deposits, smoke and damage to fuel filters
    • Can boost cetane and reduce engine knocks
    • Helps disperse water safely and gradually, which can extend the life of fuel filters, fuel injection pumps and fuel injectors
    • Can help enhance cold starts, reduces misfiring, white smoke, and noise



Power’z Edge is a powerful performance enhancing product designed to help improve fuel economy and emissions.  Mixing Power’z Edge is quick and easy as each 1 gallon container of Power’z Edge can treat 1,000 gallons of fuel and can be poured directly into the fuel tanks.   Should you have any questions about treating your fuel with Power’z Edge, Diesel Direct professionals are available to assist you.

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Help protect your diesel fuel system all year long with this very effective contamination reducing product!  Contact our knowledgeable sales professionals to find out more about Power’z Edge today by calling 1-888-900-7787 or by sending us an email through our contact page.