Diesel Direct

Bioheat® Fuel “Green Spotlight”

December 08, 2014

Diesel Direct was chosen to appear in Bioheat’s “Green” Spotlight for the month of December as a Bioheat Dealer. We provide Bioheat fuel, a renewable fuel that combines standard heating oil blended together with renewable biodiesel. We provide this premium heating oil exclusively for commercial purposes. Additionally, we provide other renewable fuels such as biodiesel (in 2%, 5%, 10%, and 20% blends).

Using renewable biodiesel in standard diesel fuel enables us to use less carbon fuel and consequently, directly benefits the environment. Providing biodiesel is just one of several green initiatives we have made over the years. Additionally, we have the first diesel electric hybrid truck. The hybrid truck gets more than 30% better diesel mileage compared to non-hybrid trucks. The truck was developed in 2010 and continues to fuel trucks every night. You can read more about this truck by clicking here.

We also train all Diesel Direct employees who drive company cars on fuel efficiency best practices. To read more about our green initiatives, visit our being green page and visit the Bioheat website to view the full writeup about us on the Bioheat Website: www.bioheatonline.com!