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Will Your Fuel Hold Up When Nature Is at its Worst?

November 17, 2014

Winter is quickly approaching us and, as a diesel fuel user, it is important to know you have a high quality fuel equipped for the severe weather. We recommend you ask critical questions and implement several strategies which are outlined below.

What kind of fuel am I receiving? When my fuel is pushed to the max, how will it hold up? The best way to determine what kind of fuel you are receiving would be to request a COA (Certificate of Analysis), to request the cloud point, the point at which fuel will cloud, or to request the CFPP (Cold Filter Plug Point), the point at which fuel will not pass through the fuel filter. Without this important information, you have no idea about the quality of the fuel you are receiving.

What differentiates Diesel Direct fuels and products? We provide a multi-functional additive package called RoadChamp which provides a premium diesel fuel. RoadChamp is able to provide an impressive CFPP with the potential to reduce the need for kerosene blending. RoadChampalso provides: a stability and lubricity enhancer, anti-corrosion inhibitor, jet fuel deicer, and a high concentrate detergent to help keep those injectors clean.

Did you know that 90 percent of all winter operability issues are moisture related? It’s true! Per the base diesel specifications (ASTM D-975), moisture is present in your diesel. Yes, I’m not kidding! You should ask these questions:

  • Have I drained my saddle tanks?
  • Have I drained my water separators?
  • If I have storage, have I drained the bottoms of my tanks?

Addressing these areas of concern can save you thousands of dollars in repair bills, downtime and driver aggravation. For example, have you ever received a call from a driver on the side of the road telling you his truck was without power and it eventually stalled? We all have. These issues often start when fuel has passed its CFPP and has become clouded and so a good prevent defense can help mitigate these ongoing complications.

Click here to read about how RoadChamp, our diesel fuel conditioner package, and Winter’z Edge, our emergency fuel treatment, can help prepare your fuel for the upcoming arctic blast.

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