Diesel Direct

How to Reduce, Conserve, and Renew Energy

April 22, 2021

Diesel Direct is committed to sustainable, renewable, and environmentally friendly fuel options. As a nationwide mobile fueling company, using fuel to drive and deliver fuel coast to coast, we are in a unique position to put our sustainability plan and goals into practice.

Pure Energy is our growing portfolio of green solutions focused on empowering Diesel Direct and their customers to reduce their carbon footprints. By focusing on our Pure Energy Continuum, we provide a balanced, cost-effective, and one-of-a-kind carbon-neutral solution.

Our Pure Energy Continuum includes options to help:


  • Our mobile fueling service itself helps to reduce carbon emissions by lowering your fleet’s miles driven and idle time
  • Our Diesel Exhaust Fluid program DEF Direct, enables us to deliver DEF directly to you. Diesel Exhaust Fluid neutralizes exhaust emissions in all medium-and heavy-duty trucks manufactured after January 2010, per regulations from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


  • Our premium-quality fuel, Roadchamp, is custom blended for the seasonal elements to help improve MPG.
  • Our proprietary fuel additives treat fuel conditions that typically hinder overall performance. By treating these conditions, you can benefit from better fuel economy.


  • Our Pure Air Diesel program is designed to enable you to balance your carbon footprint by funding environmental projects with each gallon you purchase. You can choose to offset 20%, 50% or 100% of your carbon emissions.
  • Our California and Oregon operations use renewable diesel when delivering to our customers.

Overall, our goal is to deliver as many green fuels, products and services using emissions-reducing products in our own fleets to minimize our carbon footprint and pass these options to our customers. Ready to run your fleet of trucks, equipment and more on environmentally friendly fuel without compromising on performance? Connect with our fuel professionals today to learn more or call us 888-900-7787.