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Got a Bad Case of the Diesel Bug?

April 13, 2021

With warmer weather approaching, it is important to start thinking about how the change in weather can impact storage tanks. Since moisture in fuel tanks is a common occurrence, when the temperature rises, condensation can form within the tanks. It is important to both check and treat tanks for water since it can cause several problems including, clogged fuel filters, injectors, or worse, it can create ideal conditions for breeding Diesel Bugs.

Diesel Bugs, named after the microbial contamination in diesel fuel, are made up of microorganisms (bacteria, mold and yeast) that feeds on hydrocarbons. They thrive on the presence of water, especially in hot and humid conditions, and can multiply quickly, doubling in size every 20 minutes, which means it takes little time for the build-up to start negatively affecting equipment.

Inside a tank, water and fuel separators leaves a perfect space for the bacterial microbes to feed and grow, this is known as a water-diesel interface.

How to tell if the fuel is contaminated with Diesel Bugs?

  • Erratic idling and performance are a sign of blocked fuel filters and clogged injectors.
  • Appearance of black or white smoke, or bad smell, during operations
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Leaking fuel tanks
  • Sediments that may look like coffee grounds in the filter

Diesel bugs can wreak havoc on business operations. Not only can they prevent the equipment from functioning properly, but they can also affect filtration, and, in severe cases, they can even cause corrosion.

How to get rid of and prevent Diesel Bugs?

  • Test your fuel
  • Drain the water separators
  • Empty saddle tanks
  • Drain and clean your contaminated tanks
  • Change filters
  • Use a biocide product to treat your fuel

Diesel Direct offers a family of additives that can enhance the quality of your fuel and can mitigate some of the issues involving moisture. In the case of warmer weather, we recommend our customers use:

Dry Edge, designed to enhance moisture control and reduce water contamination in fuel tanks, generators and storage tanks.

Pure Edge, specifically formulated to provide contamination reducing properties, protect the fuel injectors and the entire fuel delivery system.

Moisture remains the leading enemy when it comes to diesel fuel. It is important for fleet owners to stay on top of the preventative measures to combat any problems that may arise, such as those pesky bugs. Our technology is designed to defend and destroy those microbial contaminants. To learn more about how Diesel Direct can help, contact a fuel professional today by filling out our contact form or calling 1-888-900-7787.