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Simple Winter Tip: Drain Your Fuel Water Separators

December 17, 2013

Did you know that the engine heats up the fuel before it burns it? In the winter, this poses a problem because the combination of the cold winter air and the warm fuel returning from the engine can result in condensation. In freezing temperatures, this buildup of moisture can even turn into ice crystals in the fuel tanks, lines, and filters. A little moisture can be a serious problem because it can cause the vehicle to halt or in sensor-based vehicles, can result in the vehicle shutting down completely.

This is why at Diesel Direct, our customers in locations subject to freezing weather are receiving a premium winter blended fuelthat helps slow down the buildup of this moisture. Our premium diesel fuel includes a combination of kerosene and additive packages that are employed as necessary.

So what else can you do to prevent this problem? Here is a simple tip that you should know so you can help slow down the buildup of condensation: change your fuel water separators.

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Make sure that your truck service provider drains your truck’s fuel water separators and changes the fuel filters routinely during these winter months. If they aren't changed, it is much more likely the condensation will build up and freeze. A good practice is to change the fuel filters every month from October through March.

If you have any questions about how you can do this, our knowledgeable fuel management experts are here to provide you with top quality fuel delivery and on-site refueling and can help you when these situations arise. Contact us today!