Diesel Direct

Demand for Data & Analysis in 2014

November 25, 2013

A business that lacks proper access to data and the ability to manage and analyze that data is virtually left in the dark, without direction. Businesses in the trucking and transportation industry are no exception and require an efficient data management system. A recent blog post by FleetOwner Magazine Editor Sean Kilcarr, entitled “Dealing with Data”, offers an insightful perspective into the importance of data analysis. The piece highlights a recent survey conducted by the American Express Co. and CFO Research called Supporting Growth with New Technologies that found 96% of US senior finance executives share the opinion that they will need to obtain greater value from financial and operational data in 2014. Kilcarr highlights the importance of not only having access to data, but the benefits that come from efficiently managing this data to improve business performance.

Data for Streamlined Fleet Management

This data is particularly important for professionals involved in trucking and transportation, due to the industry’s high-paced and constantly changing nature. We at Diesel Direct couldn’t agree more: a strong component of our philosophy consists of bringing new technology to our business model to create value for our customers. We genuinely recognize the importance of being able to provide our customers relevant and critical data that empowers them to efficiently and cost effectively fuel their fleet while at the same time, provides them with the knowledge to manage consumption and compliance.

Efficiency & Understanding Via our Cloud Based Customer Portal

We are able to provide data regarding each delivery and store this information in a cloud based system accessible through our customer portal. The way this works is that at each delivery, our drivers are equipped with a scanner so they can accurately record the gallons that are dispensed. Each truck is labeled with a unique identification code that tracks every drop of diesel filled in each on-road vehicle, construction vehicle, tank, generator, or refrigeration trailer.

The sophisticated system enables Diesel Direct to capture the information necessary for understanding fueling consumption, refueling planning, and billing or bill back support and the compliance evidence our customers need to operate a business. All of this information is stored in our easy to use cloud based customer portal.

The data that we can provide you will give you a higher understanding, peace of mind, and insight into your business and your fuel management. Contact us today to learn more about our data driven solutions for your fleet management.