Diesel Direct

Preparedness Never Freezes

February 19, 2021

A rare winter storm is pummeling through the southern part of the country this week, leaving millions of people and businesses without power. With rolling blackouts, natural gas shortages and record-breaking cold temperature, the storm caused a major disruption to businesses that are not used to dealing with extreme cold winter weather. Sadly, these rare weather occurrences can be unpredictable and the important lesson to be learned here is that having a strong contingency plan can help serve as a prevent-defense.

The icy cold weather brings in several risks for the entire fuel system: clogged fuel filters, fuel gelling, and moisture issues. Winter operability has always been an important topic for us, however Southern states, like Texas, do not often face severe cold weather like Northern states. In states where cold weather conditions are expected, fuel is seasonally adjusted for reliable operability based on the specific conditions in the forecast.

We want to enable fleet owners to be able to mitigate any problems that could arise unexpectedly which is why we want to inform people of ways that Diesel Direct can offer support in business’ prevent-defense plan:

Our Trucks

Located nationwide, our trucks are always at the ready to deliver the supply a business would need to keep running. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year. We have deployed help from our neighboring branches to bring the needed fuel supply to critical places such as Texas.

Proprietary Additives Formulations

These additives are designed to help combat against things like frozen fuel filters. A major issue that many fleet owners are reporting is that their fuel is frozen. If there is moisture in the fuel tanks, then the drop in temperature can cause it to freeze which would starve the engine and prevent it from starting. Another thing that can happen is the natural paraffin wax in diesel has the potential to gel together but luckily we offer a fuel emergency treatment called Winter’z Edge that can help melt frozen fuel filters and restore fuel back to a liquid state.

Tank Solutions and Generator Fueling Services

As the power crisis sweeps across impacted areas, we’d like to remind our customers of the importance of having a back-up power system in place that can take over in the event of a power outage. By having a diesel-powered generator in place, you have access to a reliable fuel source. The cold snap caused for an unfortunate circumstance for Texas because they did not have enough reserve power from their wind- and natural gas-fired generators to prevent power outages. We offer a variety of skid tanks rental that can provide fuel at your fingertips.

Business Continuity Programs

We recommend companies to consider our business continuity plans which would prioritize supply being delivered to you first as they become available. Our plans include precautionary fueling services such as generator refueling and tank top-off agreements.

This back-to-back freezing storm has brought on unexpected hardship for many people and businesses, but this touches on the importance of always being prepared. While unpredictable weather can’t be avoided, it can be mitigated with the right plan. Don’t let freezing conditions take you down in the future, be prepared with a solid back-up plan in place. Diesel Direct can help – contact our fuel professionals who are experienced in helping customers build a contingency plan that keeps your business moving (while everything else is frozen in place.)