Diesel Direct

Fuel’z Edge: The Solution for Long-Term Fuel Storage

November 03, 2015

Did you know fuel is a sensitive product and needs special care? In fact, refined fuels like diesel and gasoline have a very limited lifespan and can easily degrade over time. This is a real problem because oftentimes fuel is left stagnant in a large bulk tank or generator tank and the result is the fuel goes bad and cannot be used. We recognize this common problem and are excited to offer a solution for this issue called Fuel’z Edge.

Fuel’z Edge is Diesel Direct’s proprietary formula designed for use in Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel in fuel tanks of all sizes ranging from large 10,000 gallon bulk tanks to small 500 gallon skids tanks, and also for generator tanks! Fuel’z Edge is primarily designed to:

  • Clean
  • Stabilize
  • Provide Cold Weather Protection

As we approach the winter and freezing temperatures, Fuel’z Edge is a particularly useful product as it can help lower the pour point, the coldest temperature at which fuel is still able to flow, by 20° F. Plus, the moisture control element in Fuel’z Edge helps prevent the fuel system icing. For extreme winter weather, we also offer a product designed specifically as a fuel emergency treatment called Winter’z Edge.

Fuel’z Edge comes in convenient gallon or quart size bottles which can be easily added to diesel fuel. Click here to learn more about the treatment rate for Fuel’z Edge and its benefits. Contact us to learn more and order Fuel’z Edge today!