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Wary About Winter? 4 Ways to Prepare!

November 16, 2015

Weather.com predicts El Niño will have a strong influence on temperatures- with below average temperatures in the central and mid-west and higher than average temperatures in the southern region and East Coast. In contrast, the Old Farmer’s Almanac released its winter weather forecast predicting this winter to be a particularly cold winter with above average snowfall in the Northeast, Ohio Valley, northern Plains, and Pacific Northwest. So will it be a mild winter or a bitterly cold and stormy one?

No one really knows what will happen this winter! But, if the worst does hit your location, don’t be left unprepared! We have so many ways to help you prepare for storms and severe weather this winter season:

RoadChamp®: The diesel fuel we provide our customers is a premium fuel called RoadChamp. RoadChamp contains critical components which help the fuel including:

  • Cold flow improver & de-icer
  • Moisture control additive
  • Fuel stabilizer
  • Lubricity enhancer
  • Detergent & corrosion inhibitor

It is seasonally customized to provide a high performing diesel fuel in any weather.

Winter’z Edge®: This product is a powerful diesel fuel emergency treatment. In the case of severely cold winter weather, it can function as a pre-polar treatment or to help improve diesel fuel affected by the cold. Find out more about how this product works!

Fuel’z Edge™: This is our proprietary formula designed to clean, stabilize, and provide cold weather protection for diesel fuel stored in generator tanks and fuel tanks of all sizes ranging from large bulk tanks to small skid tanks. Click here to learn more about Fuel’z Edge.

Business Continuity Programs: Shield your business from the storms and possible power outages they will cause. Our Protection Programs will provide you with priority fuel service, pre-storm tank top-offs, and optional tank monitoring for your generators so your business will stay running!

Diesel Direct uses the highest quality premium and winter treated diesel fuel to ensure excellent winter operability results. Contact us today to find out how to better prepare your diesel fuel for the extreme cold!